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The aim of resettlement is achieved by the Society either by finding direct employment opportunities in industries / establishments for ex-servicemen, including officers or by undertaking multifarious service contracts employing ex-servicemen, their widows and dependants to fulfill the obligations. The nature of service contracts generally undertaken by the Society are as follows:

Security Services

Afexco Ltd. PuneWe provide security services in terms of Security Guards and Supervisors to various industries in Pune, Satara, Ratnagiri, and Ahmednagar districts. Being run by ex-defence officers our standards are best in the business in terms of operational and physical capabilities. We are associated with some of major corporate clients for security services such as Atlas Copco, Thermax Group, TCS, Godrej, Coca Cola, SKF Bearings, Alfa Laval Group, Bridgestone Tyres to quote a few. The personnel we employ are smart, well trained and professionally oriented to Company requirements. We have both ex-servicemen and civilians properly trained as per the requirement of the client Company.

Transport Services

Afexco Ltd. Pune We have a fleet of 50 buses of all types which are employed for commuting of employees to and from their factories or work establishments. Our drivers are well trained to handle any emergency situation supported by an expert team of maintenance staff to attend breakdown within 30 to 40 minutes of occurrence. We also provide buses on hire for private uses such as excursions, marriages, picnics etc. Among our esteemed clients we have Cognizant Technologies, Atlas Copco, Renu Electronics to name a few.

Petrol Pump

Afexco Ltd. Pune We have petrol pump allotted by Indian Oil Corporation. Known for quality and accuracy in quantity and the fact that there are long queues for most part of the day bear testimony to this claim . Since we have our own tankers for collection of petrol and diesel, from depots it eliminates the possibility of adulteration. The petrol pump has the distinction of having been declared Best Petrol Pump by IOC for the past ten years.

Multipurpose Community Hall

Afexco Ltd. Pune This is the latest addition to our multi faceted business activities. The premises known as Afexco Complex is located off Sinhgad Road at Vadgaon Budrukh, in Pune. Also known as Shouryashri Halls & Lawns, it stands out as a new landmark in the premises. We have two air conditioned halls of 4000 sq ft each with four air conditioned rooms attached to them, open lawns of 8500 sq ft with two adjoining air conditioned rooms and open terrace of 4500 sq ft as well as spacious dining hall measuring 5000 sq ft. The added advantage is parking space of 20,000 sq ft to accommodate 60 to 70 cars and 200 two wheelers. The premises are available on rent for big and small community functions such as banquets, receptions, marriages, corporate meetings, birthdays and the like, at most attractive rates and packages. Shreyas, one of the most recognized caterers in Pune, are our catering partner and we have other reputed decorators on our panel as such we offer the best in the business.

House Keeping

Afexco Ltd. Pune This involves general cleanliness and upkeep of the premises. We have industrial as well as IT clients and we take care of indoor as well as outdoor maintenance of client premises by mechanical and manual means. Tata Motors, Amphenol Interconnect India Ltd., ARAI are some of our clients whom we provide housekeeping services.

Training Academy


“The more you sweat in peace, the less in you bleed in War”.

First of its Kind - We are pleased to introduce “AFEXCO TRAINING ACADEMY” as the unique training institute approved by the Govt. of Maharashtra & DG Home Guard Maharashtra for training of private Security personnel in Maharashtra.

Carrying forward service traditions - Realising the requirement of a good academy for training private security personnel was never as acute as it is today to meet the challenge of the emerging security scenario in the country, our training institute has been raised and is mentored by retired defence officers.AFEXCO Organization raised by retired defence officers 1972.

Abiding to Regulations and Course Content - Under the Private Security Agencies (Regulations) Act 2007 it is mandatory for all security Agencies to get their security personnel properly trained and the Controlling Authority has prescribed a syllabus of 160 Hrs. (100 Hrs. indoor and 60 Hrs. on the job) training for both lady & male personnel. At Afexco Training Academy we are training the security personnel, as required by PSARA rules (Private Security Agencies Regulations Act – Maharashtra) in the handling of fire-fighting equipment, to undertake rescue operation and provide first-aid in case of emergency, use security equipment including CCTV system,basic knowledge of computer, use of wireless sets and learn etiquettes to interact especially with women and guest in addition to learning basic rules of security and law. Trainees who successfully complete the training are awarded certificates as authorized by the Controlling Authority, Govt.of Maharashtra.

2.Uniqueness of Afexco training Academy

DG HOME GUARD - GOVT. OF MAHARASHTRA Approved Afexco Training Academy is an Approved Training Centre by DG HOME GUARD - GOVT. OF MAHARASHTRA for imparting Training and Certification - Private Security Guard/ Supervisor.

Qualified Instructors Afexco Training Academy is having highly qualified and experienced manpower led by Military and Security professionals. Afexco Training Academy belongs to Retired Defence officers having vast experience in the field of safety & Security.

Course Design Afexco Training Academy Training programs, developed by a strong industry expert development team, are structured and thoughtfully designed to impart applications oriented knowledge and skills for targeted job outcomes and value added professional enrichment. Afexco Training Academy offers various multi skill platform & training programs. Training on Fire fighting & first Aid through specialized staff.

Infrastructure Academy is equipped with various physical trg equipment & having trained PT staff. Afexco Training Academy is only academy in Pune having facility of ‘training obstacles’.

Holistic Approach Afexco conducts personal interview/counselling for personality development. We go beyond training and also impart training on Yoga & Pranayam through trained staff.

  • Physical Fitness Training
    • PT
    • One km run
    • Drill
    • Yoga & Pranayam
  • Obstacles Training
    • Horizontal rope
    • Vertical rope
    • Tyre crossing
    • Pull-ups
    • Straight balance
    • Clear jump
    • Gate vault
    • Zigzag balancess
    • 8 fit Ditch
  • Leadership and Discipline
    • Conduct in Public
    • Proper Wearing of Uniform
    • Crowd Control
    • Law of Private Security agency
    • Access Control
    • Examining identification papers
    • Law
    • Basic Conversation in English
    • Examination and Security of Documents
    • Basic knowledge of Criminal
    • Leadership & Management (For Supervisor only )
  • Technical
    • Fire Fighting
    • Handling of IEDs
    • First-Aid
    • Identification of different types of arms in use in public and police
    • Security Equipment
  • Emergency Response
    • Physical Security
    • Disaster management
    • Crises Response and Rescue Operation

3.Academy Information and training photos